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If you do choose the 'do a snow season somewhere' option, I wouldn't worry too much about not having friends unless you're particularly anti-social.

You'll run into a lot of people either in your accommodation or local bars or at work (if you choose to do some part-time work during the season that's a great option to make a few friends and get some spare money). Making friends is the easy part of living at any ski resort.

As far as how much money you need for a snow season, it totally depends on how much you want to eat out and party beyond the basics. Living at a ski resort isn't that different from living anywhere else, it's just a smaller town and the accommodation/supermarket might be a tad more expensive, but once you get the basics taken care of (lift pass, visa if you need it, flights/bus if needed) the costs aren't that different as living anywhere else.

Honestly in the long term, it sounds to me like you need to work towards either a job/life you enjoy or a job that gives you more freedom to do what you love. The only way to do that is to get a plan in place and start working towards it. Do you like your job?

There are plenty of options to make life more awesome and get a better job, it just takes some real action and perseverance to fix mistakes, and keep working towards your goals.
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