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Default Attn MOOZ: It's Friday!

so y'all can call me Zio Paolo!

my missus' sister dropped a girl last night!

nah.... i didn't want any sleep anyways... what with the missus being on the fone and texting all farking night long as if she was getting a play by play of the bloody birth!

not to say this is all doomed or nowt..... but my sister in law married her albanian on 7/7 and in english, the birth of their first born occurred on 9-11

and so we have taken to nicknaming her 'lil terrar'; which ties in well with my overall mental of ankle biters!

so already, no xmas on japanese hills for me, and already one near sleepless night AND IT AIN'T EVEN MY SPAWN!

oh fank fark fur fridee!
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