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Question How to get rid of a bad habit?

First of, self taught rider. Took many years to eradicate all of them old bad habits - well, at least I thought so.

But when I screened some takes riding steep narrow terrain, there it was! A shameful old counter turning . Dunno how you guys call it, but I mean when doing a frontside turn, the shoulders counter turn backwards, and hence the weight shifts unintendedly to the hind leg and ruins the flow, interrupts fluent turns.

Asked an instructor friend lately to check my riding and he just said it's all fine. I donít have that problem on groomers, also not on steep but wide open terrain. Ony in the steep n deep n narrow. So I guess it's when I'm highly concentrated on the surrounding and bit pumped, that it crawls up.

Hints how I can overcome that habit entirely? Wanna ride them steeps more fluently next time
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