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i still havent gotten your quote where it says

((((((((((^^^ I'm gonna have to disagree. Everyone I've ridden with like softer boards with some sort of alt-camber and soft torsionally. My friend though his Darkstar was an amazing butter board, till he strapped into my SubPop. Softer torsionally, alt-camber, and soft flex overall. Same thing happened to everyone I let try my board. Not everyone like it for an everything board, or a jump board or whatever, but I never heard anyone say they didn't like it as a flatground/butter board)))))))))))))))))

what is it that your disagreeing with? and i dont get your last comment either.... what are you replying to? that im saying stiffer board was just as ez to butter then soft board? i dont think made ne comments that relate to your disagreement..
im guess the part when i said look at soft reg. camber or mid flex reverse camber? are you replying that noodle reverse camber board like yours, is fun to mess around? well i cant really say for you, but for me when i rode it and i say it again it had no pop what so ever, and if all i was gonna do is butter the whole way down the trail (thats what you call fun) then ill pass
mid flex rev. camber, u can just as easily butter yet usually have better pop then super noodle rev. cam boards, and you revert
less ( if you call revert buttering ) more power to you.. i usually find that ppl like to combo trick with butter moves but they also like to pop off things n doink stuff. but if you wanna butter all day long, yea y not...... get super noodlish rev camber board thats already lifted tip/tail for ezier butter, i guess my final thought is you like to stay on ground all the time.......
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