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Default Burton is not that great!

alright i really want to ask why burton-whores love burton so much. There are way better board companies out there and they're way cheaper and well.....better. Burton is rich losers that jack up they're prices because it simply has burton on there. It's not that burton sucks and is horrible but come on. I hate when new people into the sport hear about burton and that immediatly the brand they want and they way rather get some 600 dollar board for a f'ckin name! i personally ride a 06 07 k2 www, which is a sick board by the way, my friend was a burton whore until i let him ride my board and guess what he has now, a k2 www. I want to say to all the people coming into the sport that think they need a burton that you should look into other brands, youll get a way better deal with some way better tech.
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