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I have to be out of my apartment by the 15th of November. While packing boxes and taking some shit out to the shed I managed to break the glass on my front door. Now I either have to pay to get it fixed or get a new door. So much for saving money.

My ex, who was my bestfriend even after we broke up is a lying whore. She thinks that I don't know the truth, and that just pisses me off even more. Tell me the truth you smelly cunt.

What makes it worse is we sat down to talk about it and get it sorted out, then her boytoy decided to come over, so she kicked me out to walk 2 miles in the fucking cold with shorts and a tshirt on. Wasn't quite a walk of shame, but I was embarassed and wanted to throw my fist into someone's face.

I need to take my anger out and go to the gym, but my membership just expired. Great fucking timing for all this.

And I may not be able to board this winter, we'll see how the whole money situation goes.
life IS good.

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