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Originally Posted by PaoloSmythe View Post

and so the difference is....
don't hurt your wrist and wear guards all the time.
do hurt your wrist and wear wrist guards some of the time.

in addition to this impeccable logic, having your wrists splinted basically imobilises them. this makes your fingers more vulnerable to breaking!

when comparing a sprained wrist to a broken finger (for i have enjoyed both ) i would take the wrist sprain anyday: less pain, and quicker to heal!

but that's just me!

I have also had the pleasure of experiencing both a broken finger and a dislocated wrist and believe me, I'll take a broken finger ANY day.

I took a relatively common spill: I was coming out of a turn and went to slow down heel-side when I hit an Icy spot and slid out onto my back. I guess I went to pad my fall with my hands. When I went to get up I had an excruciating pain on my right wrist. I figured it was just sprained so I called it a night and didn't go get x-rays 'til the pain was unbearable two days later. 8 months, two surgeries, 42 grand in hospital bills, and weeks of physical therapy later I am cautioning everyone out there to 1. be careful out there and 2. wear wrist guards. At best I'll get 50% strength and range of motion back. Whereas my finger is just fine and back on the job flicking and poking stuff.

The thing with my wrist was it was hyper extended back beyond 90 degrees, which the doctors told me is very common in 'extreme' sports esp. snowboarding. It was a perilunate dislocation if anyone is interested in doing some research.

best of luck out there and see you on the slopes!

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