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Originally Posted by xxfinnellxx View Post
Boards and stuff have to boil down to pure rideablility. I refuse to ride a board under 400 bux because ive owned a few under there and all of them just sucked compared to my old gnu riders choice. thats why this year im getting a lib skate banana. This year i have to have a anticambered board, and the innovators of that was libtech. I refuse to buy tag along things such as never summer and K2 when it comes to those kinds of innovations. And Magnetraction is such a bliss.

innovative snowboard concepts
-Magnetraction (Lib Tech)
-Anticamber/Banana tech (Lib Tech)
-horozontal non-symetrics (Gnu...Really Mervin/Lib tech but only gnu uses it with the narrow radius heel edge)
-Spooned contact points (burton)
-Lifted Edges (bataleon)
-ICS/Est with Cantbeds (Burton)

Graphics are filthy too, i dont wana ride a weird looking board all the time. Banana's are legit though, same with my old Gnu Riders Choice from 06/07 (RIP)
Huh, I thought the Banana and Gyrator came out the same year, I guess K2 just copied Lib, even though the Gyrator was designed completely different... Oh and another Mervin "innovation" C2... wierd, cause I thought NS did that a year ago... Park Pickle with the deeper heelside sidecut-My buddy has been riding Santa Cruz's with that for the past 4 years or so, Mervin did not invent that.

Mervins are heavy, they delam, and generally are shite. Congratulations on buying the board everyone else owns. Hype, Rice, and Kass, thats what sells Mervin.

Oh and good for you for only buying "high end" boards. Cause boards like the Horrorscope, Stairmaster, WWW, Wigglestick, Swindle, Artifact, Everything Sucks, Kink, Draft, Quiver Killer, Crush, Drift, Scallywag, or the Era (to name a few) are all pieces of shite that are not worth buying.

Now, we could argue this topic forever, get this thread closed because of it, OR I'll shut up and you can keep your "absolutes" to yourself.

You have your opinions, the rest of us have ours. But thats all they are, OPINIONS.

So, your decision.

Snowboarding Is...

That thing I do to escape the world and have fun with my friends

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