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Originally Posted by SnowboardSpaz View Post
exactly. one of "the best" boarders in my school was having a conversation with me last week and i told him i want to get a never summer soon. he told me he hasn't been to that mountain

another guy told me he was getting a top of the line head board. he bought a used artek with burton freestyle bindings. poser!

i can go on and on with similar stories...

stooped rich kids (core ftw )
i get that all the time at school. mad kids think they can rock flow but really they cant. im on my 4th skatebanana i payed for 1 then got 3 free from warrenty cuz i snapped the nose on 1 and the tail on 2. 2 frontflips and 1 handplant where i missed the wall and landed on the tail in the tranny. but mad kids are like yo im gettin some sick board, which i will give them that the board is sick but i always say like dude do you even know the point to that board? do you kow why its any different from a rental?

i think a park ediquette rule is you cant be let in if your strait up ignorant
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