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Keep it up, us older geezers don't like to fall as hard, but as time goes on you fall much less and learn to fall easier. I didn't pick up the sport til 44 and had nevered skied, skated or surfed and last year, seventh season, rode 25 days with a left frozen shoulder syndrome that at times had me in most skiers use their shoulders for poles....but you are a lucky snowboarder with a tweeked shoulder and don't need to use them damn ski poles...I mean how much stuff do you need to get down the hill...2 planks and 2 poles. Also as a skier, you can already read terrain, snow, edging and stuff so you are almost there. Anyway keep it up and you will hit the magical day or pow day and it will come together. I would suggest finding someone that can instruct you on the body mechanics and board dynamics...once I figured out the body mechanics of closed shoulders, tilted pelvis, bent knees, keeping body parts in the box, alignment and learning to look over the leading shoulder the riding really came together.

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