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First off, you can't 'sprain' a muscle. Bones and joints get sprained. Muscles get strained or pulled (or in bad cases, torn or pulled away from tendons)

Second, with most strains or light-to-moderate muscle injuries... LETTING THE MUSCLE HEAL is the most important thing.

Our bodies signal pain so that our brains know that something is wrong so we don't stupidly keep stressing worn or injured parts of our body. If your thigh/quad hurts enough for you to look up the injury on the internet and post here about it, then it chances are that it is a significant injury that should be allowed to heal.

You aren't an athlete being paid millions of dollars and being attended by the top sports specialists/doctors in the field.... so don't be in a rush to put yourself out there before your body has repaired itself enough.

It is possible to injure muscles bad enough to require surgery, or physical therapy to fix them, so don't go on thinking that the pain you have is necessarily superficial. Get plenty of calcium & protein and don't aggravate the injury. RICE is the way to go (and by far the easiest and cheapest way to heal).

Hope you get better soon.

Originally Posted by SB4L View Post
I am fairly certain that I've sprained my right thigh (back leg while boarding), which probably occurred on my first day at Baker the 14th, it felt really sore after that but I just attributed it to sore leg from having to keep the nose up in pow all day.

The second day, this past thurs the 19th at Whistler, I rode hard all day again and forgot to set stance back, and the muscle felt really weird immediately after, and the day after, with noticeable pain walking on it. So I stupidly went up saturday despite this, stretching it out (probably a bad idea) lots and just taking it "easy" - yeah right. Anyone paying attention to the past weeks storm cycle there knows that taking it easy is not an option there currently!

Now I realize there are no doctors on here, and I haven't seen one yet, but based on what googling tells me: Quadriceps (Thigh) Strain Injury , I have either a grade 1 or 2 thigh sprain.

Anyone had this before ? How serious should I take this, I am of course doing the R.I.C.E for now but my job has me walking a lot during the week and pretty active, so will healing be pretty delayed you think?

I of course realize this is not a sports injury forum, but perhaps some fellow shredders have some experiences they can share.

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