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Originally Posted by Loricybin View Post
you all have legitimate points and perfectly valid responses.

last season i rode mostly at heavenly (because i lived/worked there).

the people i ride with never judge me, it's more about the vibes i get from some of the people i interact with on main runs, lifts, and in lodges. i'm very much aware that when we're off in the trees, or it's a good powder day, people generally cease to give a shit about such trivial things (myself included).

... i don't know, i guess i'm just bitching and expressing self conscious-paranoia and buried feelings of inferiority. when i initially posted this thread i thought i was actually contributing some kind of insight.

carry on, folks.
Now now monkey brow......
a thread that has this many posts is definitely a contribution.....even if it is kinda silly....hold your head up high and kick those who pass judgment in the knee......
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