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My impression of Big Air--BETTER, but still needs MORE!

Well I guess everyone knows where I have been lately, so with that said I have had some time to go through the game.

I'm writing this post not from the view of a gamer, but more towards what you would want to see from the game being a snowboarder....and there are quite a few things better, that going to have some tech tricking appeal.

For one the carving and steering is much better. The flow of rotations is much better, it still needs more work, but its much smoother. The grabs do look better and more defined. There are still no physics in the grinding BUT, unlike Stoked, you can now scoot to the sides for better and trickier transfers (One challenge so far says it ALL, it is a sick sequence of 3 zigg zagged logs laid out, and then drops off a steep cliff, called Dark Tower) and there are other nicely laid out lines all over each of the 7 mtns, 4 of the 7, do have branded objects along the sides of the marked tracks, so you know where to find them, but everything, when you notice the lay out is much better for making that line from. I have found quite a few spots, that I just gasp after seeing how its laid out, and it soo sick when you finally nail it right!

The game has all the challenge types categorized so you can just drop right to them. All the gates are better spaced apart this time, meaning you won't cut it so short of area to do the required tricks for sponsor and pro-challenges like in Stoked. There are a few things though I see at the moment that will need adjusting, the shifties are not as responsive, the speed may be a bit too high, and the apex cam for larger jumps may be zoomed out too far. There is more to like about Big Air, with nearly 3 times as much "session spots" to do that sick sequence you have got in your head. The new mtns alone are even better, Laxx is sweet with, tables, boxes and hand rails, and as I said they have things laid to transfer 3-4 times if your good with the timing.

The walking is even faster so when scope your spot out, you can get back up to it really quick. You may or may not like the racing, the SSX fans WILL LIKE IT, and not being a big fan of racing modes, these are well designed, and feel technical, you can use triggers for sharper turns around those tight turns in the paths. For SSX type when you can go fast enough it goes into the bluuurrrred speed mode, and the speed is crazy fast. Again, there are is more to like about Big Air then there is not, but don't get the impression this is it! No, not by a long shot! Still missing all point axis control for corks/rodoes/rotational grinds/presses, replay editor/ video upload page, more online variety and events comps opened to playable online matches, kicker and rail maker/editor, and 'possible' natural half pipe.

Stoked is good, Big Air is better and I am assuring you the sequel that will follow Big Air WILL HAVE THAT "WOW" factor with the above that still has to be done to this game, and it will and THIS TIME I will see to it we get the the FULL COMPLETE SEQUEL and that it WILL NOT be released/finalized until it is really done. There won't be anymore of how they have been releasing these last 2 titles again, as much time as needed will be taken to get it all right. They will listen to me too if they don't want to loose the biggest supporter and motivator they have for this game, so believe me when I tell you I have gained an upper hand. As long the community BACKS me it will be done all the right way!!

Just because I was pulled in doesn't mean I would lie to sell you this game for their profits. If it was crap, believe me you would have heard from me sooner than now on soap box from hell for sticking my neck out there for them...not the case, so go get Big Air, it will be worth it when your on down time from the real slopes!
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