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Originally Posted by RickB View Post
Just lol at you.

You say Audi is just VW's high end extension, you are wrong. How long has Audi been around? Please tell me.. then tell me how long Lexus or infiniti has been around?
Yes, VW is the parent company... Audi in turn owns Lambo... Bugatti is also in the mix as well. So is Seat, Skoda... and where is Porsche in all this.

Go into any VW or Audi dealership and they'll say that they are the same? You are killing me... maybe if you went into a VW dealership a salesguy would tell you that they are the same.. but not at an Audi store.

I'm embarrassed for you. Please stop while you are behind, or keep going... this is the internet so it'll be pretty fun to see what you come up with next.
LOL "fact" !!!!!
Yep, this is the internet, which is why you are acting like a keyboard tough guy right now. Unfortunately for you, a quick search reveals that most of Audi's and VW's most popular cars share platforms, drivetrains, engines, transmissions, electrical, etc etc etc parts with each other, are manufactured at the same plants by the same company, and are equally as unreliable.

Subaru, Toyota, and Honda make the most reliable consumer cars, period. VWs are garbage from the get go, Audis (generally) are after 50-60,000 miles.

But hell, I don't buy German sissy sedans so what do I know?!
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