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Originally Posted by JohnnyBlaze View Post
Just to play Devil's Advocate:

Is is safe to say that if a company makes "X car" at year 5 that product will be of inferior quality to "X car" at year say 20? Or any product for that matter. (assuming morons are not running the company and they actually followed the "normal" progession model for a 20 year old business)

Even if morons were running the a given company, the length of time in biz would still matter, b/c the longer they have been running the worse they would get no

I hate to say it but any educated and wise business man would know that how long a company has been doing business DEFINITELY has an impact on product quality. I think its even safe to say a big difference. I mean think about it we are all buyers of reputation, and rep is built on experience which takes time in the biz....Just my 2 cents
haha thanks JBlaze, in your own way you just proved my point. First off VWs and AUDIs have HORRIBLE REPUTATIONS FOR RELIABILITY, if you don't want to check out the thousands of sites available(consumer reports, motor trend, kbb, Auto Buyers's guide, etc)just read back through the thread and you'll see quite a few testimonials. 2nd, NO, the length a company has been making cars doesnt have an effect on their quality unless they are constantly tweaking, engineering, redesigning, and manufacturing MORE EFFECTIVELY than the other guy. THat said, VW put out its first car in 1937 whereas Subaru put out their first in 1954...Hmmm, by your logic VW vehicles should be much better than Subaru's with all those extra years as an automaker, right? Yeah, kinda puts a hole in that theory, sorry.

THE BOTTOM LINEis that VW reliability does not even come close to Toyota/Lexus, Honda/Acura, Nissan/Infiniti, Subaru and in the last few years, Chrysler and many GM cars. Any website involved with rating car reliability from consumers and/or experts(including the vw and audi techs on this thread) will tell you the same. ARE you really trying to debate that?!
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