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comeback seriously this is crazy you've posted 15 posts 90% of which are arguing this point I thnk this topic is dead Not a great way to welcome yourself to the forum.

and second off I wasn't arguing w/ ya at any point in this thread, I stayed nuetral and stated information I felt was relevant. BACK OFF. Period

we all have opinions here and can discuss them without taking it to a level too far. I feel this topic is hanging on a cliff...just my opinion

oh and for the record "cowboy kid" I never claimed that simply b/c one company has been around longer than another that means that they have a better product as your VW and SCOOBY example states. Seriously don't be a pompous ass just chill. I said that how long a company has been doing business HAS A BEARING on their product. It's common sense. I never said that the length of time dictates with a garauntee a superior product over a younger competitor

Twisting people's words to your favor is kinda like lame dude.. FAIL
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