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Originally Posted by ComeBack_Kid View Post
LOL at u still typing when you have no point or argument hahahaha
you sure claim alot, but wont answer any of my questions. You do use bold font feature a bit, so i guess that makes you more right than everyone else.

Here's a point. VW is now the worlds largest automaker, they are the parent company to quite a few other car manufacturers- Audi being one of them. Yes, they do share a lot of componentry, but Audi's are not just VW's with a different badge and a higher price tag. You said Audi is just VW's high end extension a la Toyota/Lexus etc. What a retarded comment, Audi wasnt invented to be that to VW over 100years ago. I'm not making any claims whether or not audi's/vw's are reliable or not....i'm claiming you make large generalizations about these brands.
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