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Stupid. Stupid. Stupid kids.

I'm a tutor. I tutor this stupid little kid. He's completely full of himself.

Me and his old man are having a small conversation while he's working on something. The convo steers to the topic about how spoiled this kid is. He gets whatever he wants. Just name it. Cell phone, ps3, Wii, bmx bike, a new video game each week ($60 each), etc.

He has no chores, no responsibilities, and he has the audacity to say that his house feels like a prison. I tell him he's spoiled, and he angrly throws back a remark saying I don't even know. Granted I don't know what happens behind closed doors, but from what I can tell, this kid has it made.

THEN he precedes to calling me stuck up (I made a remark to his mom, and she agrees with me, that her spaw is stuck up) I ask him why he thinks I am, his only reason is because I made that remark to his mom.

I've gotten this taught this kid better grades, but I'm sick of putting up with his crap.

How would you guys deal with a kid (5th grade) who has a problem handling criticism, take plenty of bathroom brakes while you're trying to teach him, say something is gay when he disagrees, and doesn't think education in whole is important in the least bit?

I'd really like to slap him and give him a reality check, not that his dad would mind, but he's that kind of kid who'll say I went ballistic or something, then bruise himself to get me in trouble.

"Suicide hotline.....please hold."
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