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Originally Posted by Pudg3 View Post
Holiday Valley had amazing conditions when I went over the weekend but the warm spell on Sunday/Monday significantly reduced the amount of snow. But I'm sure it's back up to speed now with their snowmaking. Only a 2-3 hour drive from the GTA which isn't bad.

Would it not be easier to just drive to st. louie or something? Or is Holiday worth the extra cpl hours?

edit: Just read a few pages back about potential meets to horseshoe and holiday. I am right off the 401 at Weston rd. just before the 400 so I am on the way to lots of places. I am really down for some riding sessions. I work during the week till about 5:30pm and have weekends off. Last year (when I first started) I did a lot of riding at horseshoe on Sunday nights (only 20 bux).

Keep me posted!

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