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my big favorite is lamb of god. they are fucking SICK. drummer is unbelievable. (their first record was under the band name 'burn the priest'. not the current lineup but sick nonetheless)

here are several bands at the top of my most played lists.
acacia strain (growly death metal)
god forbid (you would like these guys if you want melodic death)
killswitch engage (same thing...melodic.)(if you wanna hear the singer (harold) really go off, check out his first band "blood has been shed")
bleeding through (another awesome deathcore type thing)
gojira (french death metal...and awesome)
meshuggah (norwegian death metal...super technical, totally sick)
shadows fall (another good melodic death metal band. MUST check out brian's (singer) original band "overcast". they were my first taste of hardcore teetering on the brink of metal. highly reccomend)
sevendust (not as heavy but lajon (singer) is very talented. dude has a fantastic'll be singing along in no time)
avenged sevenfold (not nearly as heavy as some listed above, but really great sound. another singalong band)

here's a list of just band descriptions...worth checking out.
all that remains
as blood runs black
as i lay dying
at the gates
(im just going thru my library at this point, hence the alphabetic listing lol)
bury your dead (this band started as a joke, but people liked them so they kept it up. it's just all drop d chuggy breaks. good shit. pay attention to the track names on each album. kinda funny.)
earth crisis (seriously militant straight edge, vegan band)
emmure (another lunatic act straight outta CT)
remembering never
sepultura (awesome politically driven brazilian metal. if you like this, check out their newer act "conflikted", and soulfly (another side project of max cavalera, singer for sepultura and conflikted)
vision of disorder

sorry for the
music is something im very passionate about, so when someone takes interest in the genre i love, i get enjoyment out of sharing bands that people may not have heard of.
check back, and let me know what you thought of any of these bands if you pick any up or even just preview some shit on amazon.
a great site i go to sometimes to look for new shit is Lambgoat // hardcore music and metal music. great database of reviews and shit for metal and all its subgenres.
ALSO...and then i will stop typing...DOWNLOAD PANDORA! if you havent heard of it, it will change your musical life. make a station for hatebreed, and it will play songs that are similar. you can 'vote' for the songs on a thumbs up thumbs down basis, and it will mold your station based on that. it's awesome, and most importantly, it's FREE. there's a version for the computer, and theres an app for iphone (im sure other phones too). REALLY worth checking out.

ok im done with this post. lol.
sorry for the long read.
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