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Originally Posted by rjattack19 View Post
how about best friends that bail for some stupid life sucking bitch? this guy now lives with her, less than 1 year together and she talks about marriage 24/7, hes only 20 years old! shes 25. she tells people that they are married! he has bailed on riding with me 4 times this year because of her. he didnt come with us on our big annual trip last year because of her. this is the guy that was always down for anything, never bailin, if you made plans he was there, no question. hes not even talking to his childhood best friend now because of her. god forbid we do go and do something together and he wont be home that night, then i have to sit around for an hour while she bitches, crys..yea crys, and moans about how she misses him and really wishes he would come home...misses him?!?!? they fucking live together!she sees him every fucking night! last week we were kickin it when he got off of work, we were only hangin out for 2 hours before she called furious that he wasnt home, which led to her crying! call it a bromance or whatever, but we used to hang out with this kid nearly every other day. now im lucky if we hang out 3 days a month, and thats only because we are on the same hockey team. its just so disappointing. like, hes just gone soft...makes me sick. everyone can see it but him. i just dont get it. shes so unpleasant to even be around, makes you feel way uncomfortable when ever you come over, always making backhanded comments. i just wanna shake him and say WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!
That really sucks, I lost a a real good high school buddy to a succubus, also. He decided not to go to college because of her and now turned into to a loser who either plays world of warcraft or is wasting his money on this stupid bitch. I now see him once a month and refuse to be around this devil girlfriend of his.
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