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Originally Posted by mpdsnowman
Well as a former skier let me shed some light on this topic. First of all people are right in the fact that it is both skiers and snowboarders combined to create situations and crashes...the reason for that is there is just that many more people on the slopes nowadays. Wasnt crowed like this years ago when I used to ski...also keep in mind snowboards and skies are built for speed much more than skies were in the past.. sure we went fast..Hell I hit a tree at top speed...but not as fast as the products today.

But there is an underlying issue here. Yes indeed we are not liked by skiers in general...why you so boldly ask??? Here is why...

1)snowboarding has more of an irratic approach as far as turning and the impression of loss of control to skiers.

2)They were there first. It was their way only. It was an elite sport back then.

3)UR all it or not, weather you smoke or not...UR a pothead sitting on the slopes in groups looking around. Slopes are made to be rode on not sat on smoking and talking sex with hot chicks.

4)Equipment isnt equipment...what I mean by this is our snowboard boots basically are modified snow boots. They are comfortable to walk in anywhere....U dont walk with ski clunk like a horse. U cant really wear them in a bar like snowboard boots. The snowboard itself seems to simple to skiers..remember they are the elite..things really arnt supposed to be simple..

There are many more reasons I can give you. If u take away all the crashes you would still have attitudes. Why???

Good points all the way down the board. Funny too, because I even stretch my neck backwards like that chick in the exorcist attempting to see my blind spot because a lot of traversing skiers don't look up hill.

And I might be a pothead, but I've met a LOT of coked out to the gills skiers. No judgement passed. I've also seen some snowboarders that really piss me off because they just make the rest of us look worse than we are already percieved. I was a skier for probably 10 years or more before I started boarding regularily and I never had a problem with snowboarders. IMO as a skier there were a lot more "newb" skiers than boarders causing accidents. I think they forget we kind of have blind spots riding down the hill sideways. Maybe we (humans) all just piss eachother off, especially in large groups lol.
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