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traditionally speaking, skiing was an exclusive past time; economically exclusive. and so this band of old schoolers, who are still out there, are having to come to terms with an on hill population that has exploded in numbers due to accessibility and popularisation, but also who entertain this 'new fad' of going sideways.

for sure they perceive a 'fuck you' attitude; they think we have blind spots and larger turning circles and to an extent this might be true for some of us; but this is of little to no consequence. if it is, then i suggest they have inadequate skills to be there themselves!

the point is, this 'arsehole' label is one of perception. skiers want to perceive us as being punks, just as we want to see them as being stuck up pricks. it is a preconceived stereotype, where we try to identify a common foe, to reinforce kinship between those who are similar to us. a pack mentality.

this is intrinsic to human nature and despite me knowing this, i still feel that in all of my on hill encounters, there have been far more poncy skiers than boarders.

for eg. if i cut up a snowboarder, they might shake their head at me, but i will apologise and ALWAYS they tell me "no worries". if i cut up a skier, they have slagged me off before i have even inhaled to word an apology. (french ski instructors are the absolute kings at this!)

it is all down to a will to see the worst in those who are different to your self. simple human nature.

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