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when i was younger, say 3-8 years old, i was a skier and my entire family was a bunch of skiers. when i was about 9 or so i was at the point in my life where it wasnt cool anymore to do what all the old people and my little sister were doing on the mountain, and i always saw these really cool lookin dudes cruisin down the sides of the run on snowboards...thats what i wanted to be, i wanted to be that guy. As i got better and better i realized that 90% of all snowboarders share the same hard chargin mentality. How many boarders have you met that just wanna cruise the blues all day long and then call it a day around 3:00? Skiers on the other hand seem more conservative, there will always be the people that dont fit this steriotype but mostly i think its a fairly acceptable idea.

A few years ago i had a friend of mine that was just learning to ride. He was on a green just trying to get his heelside down without faceplanting and he got going a little faster than he was comfortable with and lost control. He was haulin ass lol and he was headed right for this older gentlemen(i use the term loosely) and his young boy who were both on skis. He was going to hit one of them so he plowed the old man(he probably would have killed the kid) and the man of course was irate. I pulled up in time to hear the old man chewing my friends ass as my friend apologized over and over again and even stepped out of his board to go uphill and get the mans sunglasses. The old man kept saying that he shouldnt be here and this was for people trying to learn. My friend then sortof lost it and said "well what the FU*K do you think i'm doin here?!?" Then the old man said some things about how snowboarders shouldnt be here and they are too dangerous and blah blah blah.

we've all met that guy. but lots of skiers have met that piece of shit guy on a snowboard as well.
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