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Thad Osprey
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I bought a set of Nitrane Contrabands yesterday, and took it out for my first time today. I have experience with only two other sets of bindings, last year's Ride Betas and last year's Flux Titans. I was also worried about the one strap thingy but decided to give it a shot since I was getting bored of regular two strap bindings and still not convinced about Flows.

Thing with the Nitrane Contrabands is that it does take ALOT of patience in setting them up. When u get the bindings the box comes with a set of instructions on how to dial it in and you basically got to go through each and every step.i.e: Make sure ur boot can be centered by adusting the heel cup, adjustin both bands of the toe strap to ensure it is the correct length and width respectively etc. Its not rocket science tho it can be frustrating at times to peeps who dont like spending tonnes of time adusting their stuff. But with the Nitrane Contrabands, its all or nothing. There is little room for error cos all u can do is crank one ratchet to tighten and make sure every dimension fits - and bindings are a very touchy subject.

If you do make it onto the hill with some effort put into dialing it in tho, its pretty sweet. I prefer the Nitrane Contrabands to both the bindings I named above (Sorry my comparison is limited, I only have those two I regularly ride to compare with, any others I have ridden a sort while just to try out and I am not confident using them as benchmarks). There is absolutely no problem with the toe strap area once dialed in and I like how it hugs ur foot in a snug manner with "one piece", rather than two separate pieces to crank in all the time. I get more consistency in terms of binding tension, rather than one or two clicks too loose or tight either on the ankle or toe. Flex wise, its similar to and a tad bit more flexible than the Flux Titans but stiffer than the Betas. If you like more "mobility" in your ankles and a more flexible binding in general, the Nitrane may not be ur cup of tea. But its still pretty flexy. If ur looking for something stiff, then maybe look elsewhere. Nitranes to me are like middle of the road.


There are plenty of plus points. I am IN LOVE with the cushioning and the wedgie foot beds. And cranking on only one ratchet saves tonnes of time. They look pretty good too. I got some compliments on their looks. There is no dodginess in terms of how secure they can fit once done right and I had a great time on the hills today.

But there are some downsides. You can only customise to ONE boot at a time, meaning if u have multiple boots for different purposes(which I have), it limits ur options. You cant lend it to a friend and demo-ing this is a sure pain. There is ZERO customisability on the fly. Meaning if u dont dial it in perfect before heading out ur time on the hill will suck, so make sure you have access to the necessary screwdriver somehow so u can tweak it. I was lucky enough to have it dialed in perfect before heading out. But I spent 3 hours at home going thru all the steps and even strapping into my board and jumping around the living room with it for a while to make sure.

Hope this helps.
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