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Default Capita Sierrascope Review

Wieght: 170 lbs
Board: Capita Sierrascope 156
Bindings: 2010 Ride EX
First time on a rocker too

Conditions: About 35 degrees on the east coast, snowed earlier in the day. About 2 inches of snow covering the usual ice. Later in the day much of the snow was off and only ice remained.

Groomers: Deffinatly had some fun riding down the groomers on this thing it was very soft and i fell backwards on my first few butter attempts. Once I got used to it I could have it thigh high.

Chop: This board being soft I could deffinatly feel some ice chunks under the board but it handled it well.

Speed: I usally ride alot smaller boards like 149 and 152's but this thing deffinatly suited me better for my type of riding. I could bomb all of the trails but keep in mind my mountain is incredibly small.

Ice: I didnt detune at all so it held an edge extremely well. I did catch a few edges so Im gonna do a minor detune later on.

Park: I only took this on some small 15 footers but I had a blast doing it. The board is very light and easy to spin. However I'm not very good at park and only threw a couple 3's. I washed out a couple of times but landing bolts i had no problem.

Bindings: I was a little skepticle buying these because I know their on the lower end but I was strapped for cash and got them new for $100 bucks. They were nice and flexy and pretty comfortable. I got the extra larges for my size 12's and i had no overhang with 15/9 angles. my only complaint about the bindings is that the toe strap didnt work very well with my boot.
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