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It sounds so fun...What do you do in Japan? Or a native?

Thanks for that info. Even ridden the Cold Smoke by Atomic? I am going to see what deals are going on in a month or two and see if people are still selling it as I have gotten recommendations for that board across the board, but a second board (if I have the money) would be great.

I am nearly fluent in Japanese as it is (been studying for about 5 years now) but I will be entering Japan with a semester off of classes (none offered at my level) so I will just start working on it intensively when I get there. I have been a few times in the past and yeah, the food is amazing. I had to limit myself to around 40 dollars a day/meal of 150 yen sushi plates, or I just ate everyone's food around me...loved it.

Dude, so jealous. It sounds like such a blast. Wish I could switch places with you right now...When its winter next year I probably won't be on campus for a lot of the are prices on lift tickets? But the powder sounds so nice right now. We have nothing around where I am. Hopefully, I will be able to get a few friends and head up to Tahoe late January or early February, but Japan sounds much better.
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