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Originally Posted by ask
mmmm ok, let me qualify my post a little. it wasn't from some purist-never-try-anything-new perspective. or from some too-cool-for-skool numpty. it's from experience. I bought a pair of flow and hated them, and ended up selling them after a week and buying a nice pair of P1s. here's why:

1. while everyone was sitting around casually strapping in, chatting, throwing snowballs at each other, whatever, I was standing there waiting for everyone to go, getting impatient cos I was already strapped in. or i'd strap in standing up, and then sit back down again. so it didn't make anything quicker, cos since when do you do shoot off on your own? how quickly do you need to get off a lift? even on a powder day? don't underestimate this - at least if you board with a sociable bunch of people. those extra few seconds mean very little unless you're a loner who loves doing everything right now.
2. you can't strap in when sat down (see point 1) unless you're a contortionist. this often makes life difficult - on steeps; on deeps. you hike through knee deep and pow then try and get in your flows. i tell you, you'll be miles behind your buddies by the time you've sorted that out.
3. getting the hood thing filled up with pow turned into hardpack is a nightmare, having to scrape it all out with your gloves, or your tool. horrible.
4. straps are way more comfortable - in my opinion
5. i ended-up spending so much time fiddling and adjusting all those little ratchets and the torque wire thing, and the forward lean, (see point 4) that in the end straps seemed so much less bother
6. yeah, i admit too, i got tons of grief from my 'mates' too about wearing flows (cos of all the above points - faffing, fiddling, being gay) that combined with the above five points put me off them even more.

the plus sides of flows...

1. errrr you can strap in a tiny bit faster... when you're on a flattish slope... woopdee doo...

Ask i love the saying at the last part
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