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Last friday a few friends wanted to go sled riding, so I brought the board along, figured I'd build a couple jumps, the hill has almost a natural 1/4 pipe and you can build a hit in it. Anyways was riding up to a straight kicker, some guy thought it would be funny or "tough" to fake like he was going to jump in front of me, I turned and went off the side because he was pretty damn close to me and something inside me just SNAPPED.

I rode down the rest of the way and hiked back up to the top. I'm usually a mellow person when I'm riding but I was pissed. Guy was a typical wannabe thug/gangster, pants hanging way down, cap sideways, grabbing his crotch and w/e. So I dropped my board right in front of him as he was getting ready to go down the hill on a sled. Said "there a reason you tried to jump in front of me punk?" He said he didn't but others were saying they saw him do it too. I got a little out of line and told him "if you do it again and I'll break both of your fucking legs". His younger buddy chimed in and said he'll get his dad up here to kick my ass, lol, so I told him i'd waste his dad as well. The one who jumped in front of me wouldnt go down the hill till after I did which was pretty funny. I admit I was a bit out of line, but I was moving at a pretty good clip when he jumped at me, something inside just gave in. They left after the dad comment, we stayed for a couple hours more just incase his dad came, but no one ever did.

Anyways the moral of that is I'm venting about stupid punks trying to act tough when in reality 90% of them are chicken shits. They're all "hard core" till they mess with someone who fights before flight.
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