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Originally Posted by legallyillegal View Post
loctite eats plastic

that's why you're only supposed to use the tiniest drop possible, if anything at all
That really depends on the plastic, but if that were the case here, I don't think it would crack like that. If loctite were "eating" the plastic, it'd be deteriorating (possibly flaking) at the surface which isn't really there.

I've used loctite only a handful of times, and just like mentioned; only a tiny drop is applied to the ends of the threads. The reason it gets on the plates, is cuz each of those holes is really tight.... it's unavoidable if you're using it. They say not to use it at all, because some tool would probably use loctite red in there, which would permanently bond.

The only reason I started using it in the first place is cuz my binding screws came almost completely off last year, when they were tightened that morning, from one day of riding. The loctite they provide only lasts a few times of mounting and dis-mounting.

DC5, thanks man, I'm gonna check that shop before I call SDS
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