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Originally Posted by Bizzman View Post
I would assume if u were to wear other impact shorts without the full shield taking same falls, you would be more sore?
Well technically speaking I can't say from experience since I haven't tried all of them. I know a few like MunkySpunky swear by some hard tailed brands and it works great for them.

Just looking at the design from my own perspective I think someone had the idea to protect the tail bone and put a cushion padding right there and other brands jumped on the boat to do the same and get a piece of the market without looking into it. I wouldn't be surprised if this is exactly what happened since most of the gear is motorbike/bmx inspired that's in our market. I say this because I think the initial design aspect of them is flawed. This is referring to those that have a bicycle seat design cushion or triangle design for the middle of your butt. If you take a real hard hit, that small cushion is just making the first point of contact right in the middle of your crack and granted you hit hard enough, shoving it up your buttocks onto the tail bone. With padding that covers your entire butt, it spreads out the impact and doesn't aim for just the tail bone area when you go down. That's my way of thinking when I see those types of shorts.

Yes they (referring to the ass pads with a bicycle seat design cushion for your ass) cushion your tail bone but it's like a double edge sword. Not only is it doing that, but once you hit hard enough it's going to shove right on it extremely hard and wind up giving you a very sore ass every time you sit down contrast to a design that covers the entire area of your butt.

Again that's just my way of thinking being a designer when I see those types of shorts and what I experienced with my own. Just like a shock can bottom out on a car, those pads will sooner or later bottom out depending how hard of a hit you take. When they do, where ever the padding is it's gonna push hard right on your ass. I rather have it push hard on my entire buttock area instead of in the middle of my crack, just my 0.02.

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