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Originally Posted by NYinfamous2k2 View Post
are you the designer? just some constructive criticism. If I was you I would change the lettering/font on it. The shirt says stay steezy but the lettering is not "stylish" at all, and IMO kind of feminine. im not trying to hate here, just what i think
You have to be feminine to have a sense of fashion?! I did not know this. It would have saved so many people lots of years of ridicule. (I'll tell 'em to get a sex-change). Thank you good sir for stating that. (but on a lighter note, I agree. The lettering sucks.)

It's not something I would jump for if I found it in a shop. I would only look twice because I wouldn't be quite sure the first time that I saw what I saw at first glance. You asked. Don't be a baby and whine about my opinion. Think constructive criticism. Over and over.
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