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clean up those wires man, especially because you havea case with a window.. my cables are pretty clean, looks so much better.

you shoulda gotten an 8800 and more hd space =D

ive got a pentium 4 640 running at 3.7ghz (i think its running 3.7, i want new processor, i want a q6600)
its in an asus p5n32-e sli mobo
2gb of corsair ram (i forget the timings and clockspeed)
ive got an ati x700 pro overclocked, i know, its a piece of shit card and something is wrong with it/its drivers, no idea how to fix it, ive spent countless hours on it..
and 4 random drives, a 250 which hate me and crashes all the time, don't use it. ive got 2 320gb drives raided, i use it and my "my documents" drive and an 80gb drive with my operating system and programs on it, i run xp. plus i got a free 500gb external drive that i use as backup
and i like my monitor, its an apple 23" cinema display, high def baby, and best of all it was FREE.

yay geek hardware!
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