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Default Planning on getting my own stuff

Now I know the boots are the most important so I won't really ask about those, but those are also easiest to figure out, put em on, love em, buy em. Now for a board and bindings im a little unsure. I am not a speed demon but I do like to move, but the more predominant characteristic of my riding, I think, is that I am curious, which is what encourages my speed sometimes, but moreover I am a fiend for random natural features. I am not at all experienced enough for park, and honestly it scares me a little , so I just roam and look for stuff really. Just for specs, I am 5'5" 155 pounds, and between a 9-10 shoe size. Never married, favorite color neon orange, and favorite food=sushi. Oh and max price for all my stuff put together is 650, but I'm trying to keep it in the 500s. I also would like this stuff to last a decent while.

P.s. I know it is a pretty polarizing topic, but the only thing that has piqued my interest in any area are flow bindings. I have read a lot on them and I feel that the higher end one's tech won't fall apart into a disaster, I just have no idea if they would support my type of riding.

P.P.s The main point is that i dont know about anythign that would support my riding and I would just like ideas.


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