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Default 390s vs. Targas

So at the begging of this season I picked up a Banana and mounted it with 390s. My riding has advanced quite a bit over the past 2 months. I realized that I wanted something more all mountain that I could really bomb a hill and hit kickers at high speeds with. I picked up a Bataleon The Jam. Triple8sol had recommended a Jam to me before, and maybe I should have listened the first time around.

As it's more of a all mountain to freestyle board, I figured some Targas would serve it well. I really do love my 390s. I'm hoping the Targas compliment The Jam as a stiffer version of the same binding, able to handle the speed and variable terrain a bit better. Before they become used, I was hoping for some confirmation that this is the case. Also, are the C-inserts worth switching out? The ankle strap is obviously much more flexible with no insert at all, but the 2 different C-inserts don't really feel that different in rigidity.

Board and binding porn attached below!

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