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How Fucking Dare You!

Originally Posted by Texas Exclusive View Post
First, I hate my fucking job. I work around a bunch of valueless fatass women who use me because i'm the only guy working at this medical center. I love the medical profession but these good for nothing bitches make this a drag. Only 20 more days until I quit (after 2 years) and I can find a respectable work environment and pay! (I'm in highschool and I'm at work as I text this on my phone..)

Second, I hate that my best friend might be gay or bi. I have nothing against homosexuals but he is hitting on me I believe and its creeping me the fuck out. He also says the most bizarre and queer things in public when he is mad making a scene. The reason I think he is gay is because he has been hanging out with two college faggots and been drinking\doing drugs with them. He said they gave him a quote "massage" when he was on ecstacy and he loved it... what the fuck happened to my best friend ? We are supposed to be going to snowbird for break so I need to confront him about this.

I missed this earlier, wrapped up in my own vent. Clearly you are not his friend if (1) the idea he could be gay is disturbing to you and (2) if he is gay, what the fuck makes you so spectacular that he'd want you? Is it possible you want him? Maybe you are having issues with your own sexuality, hence your homophobia, it's okay, no one will think any less of you. How could we, you've made an ass of yourself all on your own. So what, they gave him a massage, so what if he's gay? Does that mean you can't count on him, I think not, rather, that means that you are not worthy of anyone's friendship, and how fucking DARE you use slurs such as those to describe anyone, let alone someone you purport to be your best friend. How dare you bring such ignorance here!!!! Those words are unacceptable and continue to perpetuate hatred, of what 'value' is that? Who the fuck are you to confront him? And about what? Being free and comfortable in his own skin? And if he is gay, he obviously knows what an ignorant wanker you are so he wouldn't be comfortable sharing that with you. Someone needs to confront YOUR ass for your ignorance, your petulance and your outright douchebaggery.

PS: My mental picture of you on the forum: A tubby wanker who plays snowboard video games all day, wacks off sporadically throughout the day and stashes porn, twinkies and soiled sheets under your bed so mommy won't find them while dreaming of having a taste of your "best friend".

“Prejudices, it is well known, are most difficult to eradicate from the heart whose soil has never been loosened or fertilized by education; they grow there, firm as weeds among stones.” - Charlotte Bronte

Every turn is a blessing.
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