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long story short, im looking for a pipe board... i currently ride a K2 eldorado, 158. im 6'2" and just shy of 180lbs. i realize my eldo may be a bit small, but i never experience toe/heel drag so im content. and i tend to ride all my boards short/small; surf, skate, ect. but i have fun whipping it around the slopes. now im no stranger to vertical faces, hatteras gets double over head when its firing and ive skated even deeper pools. i like to think that i board like i surf/skate, with a lot of power and drive. so at the end of the day when ive exhausted my interested in all the runs i find myself drifting to the pipe. ive been out three times and im already hitting coping. provided my board could probably use a good tuning, i find it rather lacking sometimes and this kills my confidence for boosting. at the speeds needed to get air i tend to get squirly and it takes everything to not wash out in the flats.

so im in the market for a new board!

correct me if im wrong, but most pipe riders are on traditional camber boards correct? does this mean that a quality pipe board will perform well at high speed carving? idealy id like something that can perform well specifically at these two aspects. i already have a jibb and all mountain board, so no worries there. ive been thinking somewhere in the 160-162 range?

any suggestions or pointers in picking out a board would be appreciated. even oppinions are welcome.

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