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Originally Posted by mpdsnowman View Post
Ive always believed that Verizon Wireless sales people are nothing more than cheap version of a used car salesman And now I know its true cause I got these clowns exhibiting right next to me at a boat show...

Now me..I sell a cleaner and a damn fucking good one if I say so myself. It cleans boats so I guess it fits a boat show...but these clowns next to me...give me a break...

First off. They dress like cheap salesman. Guys hair is all spiked out. If the disco ball comes back he's in!! And they wear those fucked up ear pieces and speak into the open air. The idiot standing next to me is saying "hey how u doin"...I think he's talkin to me so I say great! But nope...he's talkin in his phone trying to sell a phone plan...

Now the chicks are cool...but clueless!!, Ones from the South. She's tryin to run power cords behind their booth, they are trippin all over them so I taped them down for them. They didnt realize you can buy 3 inch wide tape...Ohhhhhhhhhh KK!!!

The other chick I like. Shes got the cleavage going but being a little conservative with the verizon sweater....Its like take that sweater off baby dont worry we wont tell the hubby...

And they have more employees coming in and out of that booth for work shifts like crazy...I think you have to have a.d.d or a.d.h.d to be qualified...

At least when I had the coast guard next to me at this show they were drunk, I was high, it worked out well..
When I have to go to the dreaded mall they have a booth with exactly the same type of people you describe. Pushy pricks too.

Was walking out of a store tuesday with my girlfriend, we weren't parked that close to the door so this wasn't expected in any way, shape or form. After we both get into the car, doors closed, suddenly a ghetto woman (i'm not racist, I know the difference) flys up to her door from behind (walking fast) and starts banging on her fucking window. Not tapping, like pounding on it with the palm of a fist "hey, hey, hey! DO YOU HAVE A...". My girlfriend screamed when she first knocked on the window and grabbed onto me. I fucking lost it. Opened the door, jumped out of the car screaming at her and damn near committed a serious fucking crime.

What the fuck are people thinking? After she sped walked about 10 parking spaces away she turned around and yelled that she just needed bus money and "jeez man, I don kno what yo problem is." I stood there and watched her walk to the bus stop-booth-thing and pick up her bags. The bus stop was probably 15 parking spaces AWAY from where we were parked. This piece of shit was either following us or doing it to anyone in a running car? Not having that. I hope if she does it to someone else that they snap and run her down. Fucking bitch.

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