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Originally Posted by NYinfamous2k2 View Post
hahaha I love it. We dont do that by accident lol my white asshole neighbors deserve it, thats how we gotta play it cuz if we want to get back at them and something happens and THEEEYYY call the cops you know whose going to jail lol. funny cuz I have seen them watch my dog do it to but they dont say nothing to me they probably go write about it on some forum lmao. have fun dragging that shit all througout your house homie hahaha
just fuckin with you haaa
but seriously haha

Yeaaaa well I actually have proof that IRISH girls LOOOVVEEE Puerto Ricans also there buddy lol
You wouldnt happen to be Nyinfamous' bf would you?
i mean both of u r from NY, ur puerto rican and u also have infamous in it...hmmm
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