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Default Core little company run by dishonest buffoons

Originally Posted by Wiredsport View Post
First post and that's it ? Sounds like sour grapes. Honestly you couldn't be wishing bad stuff on a better company.

Omatic's booth was JAMMED at SIA, and that sure was not the case for everyone. They expanded BS technology to 3 models and the rest of the product looked unreal. It was very cool to see the line of kids (of all ages) who waited for a few minutes of time with TR...and he had the time for every one of them. The guy deserves his icon status in the sport.

Omatic is a core little company that is run entirely by riders. They are stoked to be building great boards and offering them up at great prices.

It's not like you are slamming a group of corporate types in suits. You are betting against the good guys.
The good guys who f*%k their vendors again and again with unpaid debts??? Doing biz wit these jokers is a whole different enchilada than bro-ing out at SIA. The fact is these gay 'riders' don't have a clue what they're doing and leave a wake of burned bridges and bad debts behind - the downward spiral will end up in lawsuits! Who ya gonna bet on then?
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