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Angry Wrecked Hard - Rant...

So I was out boarding today and I so happen to be riding my park board (O-Matic Todd Richards)and I was making some pretty good speed when I noticed a skier in front of me making long sweeping turns.

Since I was up on the persons left and the skier started making a right turn I figured I would ride right past them on the left side.

As soon as I do that the skier suddenly decides to turn left going much slower than I was so I had to bank left on my toe edge (I ride goofy)really hard to avoid a collision.

As soon as I do that I realize that if I don't stop or turn quickly I'm going to eat it on the side of the mountain. So with that in mind for a split second I try to bank hard right on my heal edge where of course I catch my edge and up in the air I go.

After a second of silence (I assume flying through the air) I land on my lower back, hit the back of my head on the ice ( I wear a helmet) and when I stopped the pain was IMMENSE. I hit with such violence that if I had anything in my bowels at the time I would have shat and sprayed myself all over the place. I have never felt anything like that before.

Anyway, I'm laying there for a few minutes completely stunned and surprised not one person even stopped, I got myself together and finished the run.

I've been boarding for a while and I guess I'm a little pissed at the skier for making a sudden sloooooow turn left but also upset at myself as I feel it was my fault. Although I'm glad no collision occurred and I was trying my best to avoid that at all cost.

I also feel like if I was on my never summer SL the edge would have held better and I may have made the turn rather than feeling like edge the gave out on me but I suppose that's what I get for trying to bomb down the hill on icy hard pack on a much softer board.....

Oh well.. other than that it was a great day on the mountain... All I have to do now is rest my sore back and somewhat of an achy head and get back out there next week...

Has anything like this ever happened to any of you guys before? Does it shake your confidence at all?
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