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Originally Posted by $Lindz$ View Post
175 lbs.

K2 suggests that with their "jib tip" or whatever you can/should downsize a few cm's even. So, I'm comparing this 152 to what I ride, my Stepchild Jibstick 153.

I'm not about to buy into any "you should have been riding a xxx size instead for your weight" BS, because I am comparing it to the size board I jib with. I'm not gonna jib with a 158 or some wild shit because a piece of paper says so.

Also, I am glad for Kitten Mittens that he's happy with his board choice, that's all that matters. Just saying... for me, this board was a bag of dicks.
you weight 175 now wonder. you can't compare board just cause its a "JIBSTICK" the flex isn't the same. just as if i got myself a stepchild and it's way too stiff for me for my like cause i way way less than you.
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