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Default Aloha New Here -- Odd Boot Situation

Hey All,

I threw Aloha in the topic thread because i live in Hawaii, so obviously i don't get to see or practice snowboarding all too often -- even though when i do i enjoy it quite a bit.

My problem is for the last few years me and my family have been flying up to Canada (Big White) to ski/snowboard for about a week every spring break.

A lot of my other family members have been skiing for a while, they have their own gear and so things are pretty consistent.

For me however, i'm the only snowboarder, i still have to rent a board and boots each time, and while i don't mind renting the board i just can't stand rental boots anymore.

Since i go up in March, it is near the end of season and there isn't really a good selection of boots. Also we don't rent a car and we stay on the resort so i can't go to shops unless i taxi a day out.

I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on how i could find a boot. I heard ordering online without trying is just too difficult but i'm desperate to find a way to avoid rentals
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