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Default Lil Jon..Newest grenerd?

Sup peeps...So I read in an article in Transworld Snowboarding mag.That Danny Kass and The Dingo are the latest members of Lil Jons BME click.In the article lil jon says that Ryan Sheckler along with with a pro surfer(cant remember his name at the time)are also BME click members.Lil jons says he used to skate back in the early 90's and is now taking up surfing and snowboarding.In another issue of the mag there is an actual picture of him in full snowboard attire getting ready to drop in on a half pipe (so it looks like).I persnoally love the fact that Snowboarding has evolved into a culture that does not discriminates.Myself being latino (now 37yrs old) remember that years ago when I sarted skating kids use to make fun of me and even called me a sellout.I who still live in the urban area of Paterson NJ and who still get the (looks of what the hell?)love the fact that the hiphop,punkrock,metal and some reggae cultures are comming together and spreading together into the scene.
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