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Originally Posted by snajper69 View Post
Hitting brake in that kind of condition shows that someone is a pretty bad driver rather than anything. I drove civic for 6 years, all over in all kind of condition never got stuck never lost control. I drive forester now and even less reason to get in trouble with the car. Most winter accidents happen because the drivers didn't account for weather condition and how it will affect their car performance rather than anything. So if someone is a bad driver I suggest staying home as there is no car that will correct your mistakes, and lack of skills.

Good winter tires are always a plus rather than no "season" tires. Nokian all weather tires are one of the best tires money can buy.
Not true in all situations. Black ice 99.9% of the time is unseen. This is worse in snow since the bottom ice is covered by soft snow on top. I can't tell you how many people I see in their "invincible AWD" cars driving like they own the road in these conditions. Next thing you know, they have to start braking their vehicle because someone else slides in front of them or cuts them off because they weren't paying attention to blind spots while switching lanes. Braking in snow doesn't mean that the driver is bad. What's bad is a driver that thinks they have an end-all do-all vehicle. There are just too many other variables in snowy/icy conditions. The only safe way to drive, no matter your vehicle, is to get good tires and drive like an 80 year old grandma. At that speed, 2wd is sufficient.

Of course the game changes when you are on a wide open road. Then the 4WD can be really fun in those conditions. Especially a Soob. Reviews and David Z's rants
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