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Originally Posted by K1tt3n5 View Post
Most people can't comprehend that awd truly only helps with turning and accelerating all cars have four wheel braking. That being said I can usually save an awd car in a slide it just takes balls to lay into it instead of slamming on the brakes.
+1 to that bro.

It's all about control once you enter the slide. I just had this happen to me the other day heading to work. I was only going 15mph, but the road was at a slight downhill slant. It was enough for me to slide. I was pumping the brakes well before the light and the car just kept sliding. I tried to make the right turn, but realized that I wasn't going to clear the car that was at the red light. So I pumped the accel and brake "heel-toe" they call it and swerved the opposite direction since there weren't any cars coming on the other side. Cleared the car and I rode away unscathed.

A lot of drivers would just hold the brakes down while trying to steer away which won't do anything without actually pumping your accelerator while in the slide.
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