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Default "Progression Sessions"

Hey guys. This thread is to post about some of the best "progression sessions" that you've had. Tonight I had a session that I like to call a "Progression Session". I try to have a few of these a year, and what they are is whenever I go snowboarding by myself and only hit one feature for about 1-2 hours and try to land all my tricks on it, and some new ones. Tonight I was hitting this jump in my yard that's a bit higher than my waist. First I started off with some grabs, then I moved on to FS 180's. After I landed about 5 of those I moved on to BS 180's (my weak spinning direction) and I landed about 3 or 4 of those. Next, I did 4 or 5 FS 360's. I got them a whole lot cleaner than before now and I started stomping them out pretty good. Tonight I also landed two new tricks. I landed my first ever BS 360, and also my first ever FS 540! I'm really excited. So yeah just post story's about any "progression Sessions" you've had.
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