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2010 Custom X First Thoughts

Board: 2010 Custom X 158
Bindings: 2010 Cartel (3D with adapter plate)
Boots: 2010 Ion

I got my Custom X on Saturday and I got up on Verbier with it on Wednesday. We did 30 miles and 18 thousand feet of vertical on a combination of Reds (US Blue equivalent but usually more challenging), blacks, ungroomed blacks, and off piste blacks. The snow conditions were varied as it was fairly crap at the bottom but up a 9 thousand feet it was nice powder although not very deep. The visibility was bad which made it a bit more challenging for the day.

I had already hot waxed the board so I never used the factory wax on it.

The first couple of warm up runs went well and I had no issue with the stiffness of the board even though I was coming of a 56 Guru. In fact, I really didn't notice too much difference on the easy runs we started off on. After the warm up we decide to go hit a 6 mile off piste run with significant moguls. Here the stiffness was really apparent and any misdirection which lead to going over rather than around a mogul would end in flight and if I am honest a couple spectacular wipeouts. I would have to say that a flexible board might be nicer for moguls but I'll give it a few more shots before I can make that decision.

Over the day I only noticed a few things about the board. As you would expect, it is super super stable at high speeds. I never got it to chatter and it goes rail to rail much more efficiently and cleanly than my Guru. In fact, it handles the speed so well that you can forget that you are traveling at a decent clip and catch an edge on a path (happened once toeside and hurt badly). The main difference aside from the stability and edge to edge responsiveness was the fact that you cannot make this board turn on groomers without having your weight forward. That little tidbit lead to an epic fall near the end of the day when I went straight while trying to initiate a turn and then initiated the turn while airborne resulting in a large amount of pain and laughter from friends.

Later in the day we hit Tortin which is considered one of the scariest runs in the world. The board performed absolutely flawlessly. I think it was helped a lit by the fact that there had been decent snowfall so the moguls were considerably shorter than normal. It handled the 40-45 degree start perfectly and the 30 degree ungroomed run down to the bottom admirably.

Now let me dispel some myths. When I was looking to buy this board I almost didn't because of the following things I read:

It's for Advanced riders only: BS. It is for riders who know how to carve and don't use their back foot to turn.
It accelerate very quickly: Never noticed this on steeps but on flat land it can keep up with or even beat skiers.
it will take many days to adjust to this board: Not in my case so I wouldn't buy into it being the same for everyone.
It needs to have the front and back edges detuned. I didn't and I was fine except for when I screwed up and then it ate me alive like any other board would.


It's only been one day but so far it is the best board I have been on. It is predictable, fast, stable, very easy to rock edge to edge, and looks great. The wax job was gone by the end of the day but after 30 miles I guess I shouldn't complain. I would say the only thing to be careful with is to make sure, even as you get tired later in the day, that you keep your weight forward to allow the board to turn. Other than that, it works like any other board but just seems to feel sharper and much crisper but will catch air easily if you hit a bump.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions let me know.
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