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Nitro SubZero 2010 Review

Location: Snow Summit and Bear Mtn CA.

Conditions: packed powder, but got a little slushy towards 1 or so, bluebird.

Setup: Ridden with L/XL Union Sierra Contact SLs and Burton Freestyle boots (10.5)

First Impression: Wow this board is flexy, this is also my first ever ride on a rocker board so i thought the shape of the gull wing camber looked pretty cool and i spent a min or two putting it on the ground and spinning it lol.

Size: 152cm

Weight: Pretty light, but just a tad heaver than my 148 stairmaster, prob just cause it is 152 compared to 148.

Flex: I don't think i can stress this enough; it is very very flexy both longitudinally and torsionally, and i am a light rider, 6'0 and 140 lbs. on my stairmaster i was terrible with presses and they prob looked like i was trying my hardest to press and i could prob only get a few inches off a box, but with the sub zero, i enjoyed having my nose or tail clearly off the box and i didn't have to put much effort into it.


Since this was my first ride on a rocker board i decided to take it easy on the first few runs and hit up a long mellow green to get used to this new camber type. The gull wing camber really threw me for a trip! i have read so much about rocker boards being "catch free" and really playful and having all the control between your feet instead of outside the bindings, and all of this was true! i just had to experience it for myself. The first few turns were a little shaky cause on this board the turn initiates like a second later than i was used to as it is initiated between your feet rather than outside the bindings. Once i got used to turning and riding with the rocker after a few runs i was having a blast just riding. It is really amazing at how hard it is to catch an edge, i don't know if it is just this board, but my impression is that rocker boards are VERY forgiving and i now know why they are loved so much in the freestyle community. The side cut is a little odd on this one cause it has a very small radius in the middle and a large one on the tips. This prob makes the board less hooky at the tip and tail, so when you get the board on edge and start to really use the side cut the board can really fling you into some tight turns once you engage the inner side cut. The side cut is going to take some getting used to for me as i am used to riding radial side cuts.


The board was actually more stable than I expected it to be as it is prob the softest board I have ever hand flexed. I never felt out of control going fast, and I bombed a few runs just to test it out and the board handles speed pretty well. I just prefer my o-matic celebrity for high speeds, I feel like camber just can grip in a way that rocker canít, they celebrity is also much stiffer. If you are looking to bomb runs on this board, it can do it, however there are better boards for the job. This board really excels in the park, and can handle all mtn. riding, but it wonít be the best for high speeds.


I have not ridden any other rocker boards so all I can really say is that it has less pop than my stairmaster, but it does pop pretty well. I feel I just have to load up the tail a little more, but the pop is much smoother than my stairmaster as it was pretty snappy, all I can really say about this board is that it is smooth in terms of pop, if anyone knows what I mean haha.


It is a twin board so that pretty much sums it up, but I did ride much better switch on this board than any other board, but that is just due to the rocker.

Overall Impression:

ROCKER IS AMAZING! I canít count the number of times the rocker on this board saved me from catching an edge as I was trying more new stuff in the park I really wouldnít feel comfortable trying on my stairmaster, but I felt much more safe on this board. Rocker is really great for if you are feeling lazy and donít want to have to concentrate on riding so much. The board was actually really hard to skate on. I can go down a mellow green one footed on my stairmaster, but I could hardly turn this board one footed. I think it is a combo of the beveled base (raised edges between the feet) and the rocker that makes it so that when the board is flat, there is almost no edge contact. I just need to get used to skating on it. This board was soo much fun for me, as it takes very little effort to butter. This board is EASILY the most fun to ride out of everything I have ridden. I rode the board from 8:30 am to around 9 pm with about an hour lunch, and I loved every minute of it. All this said, I think the snowboarding world has found another rocker convert.

Questions are welcome! =)

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