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Default Balls of my feet hurting...

Okay so I went out boarding for the first time in a couple years last weekend, with all my new gear.
Everything went well, but my feet were hurting quite bad. I expected this to happen with new boots, but not quite this bad. My heels weren't lifting off (as far as I could tell) but I had my boots pretty tight (especially on the bottom laces)

I figured out that was causing part of the problem, so I loosened up the bottom laces quite a bit, but kept the top laces as tight as possible, that seemed to help. My feet still hurt, but not nearly as bad, so I just lived with it until the end of the day. It was causing a bit of heel lift (still not that bad, especially after tightening my bindings)

When I got back home and relaxed for a bit, I realized the only part of my feet that really hurt was the balls of my feet.

When I put on my boots and lace them up, I never notice any pressure points around that part of my foot, it's just a bit tight in general, so would this just be the process of breaking in the boot (and the insole) to my foot, since I really didn't wear them around much at all...

One more super quick question, the socks I was using were starting to bunch up in various places (around my toes, back of my heel) and causing some wicked bad pain. Could I try going barefoot (may help the above problem as well) or just use super thin socks.

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